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  • Webdrive Pricing

WebDrive file share pricing is based on the amount of storage space you require and the number of users accessing your remote file server share.

Service Fees:

  • 10GB - $66/Month Inc-GST (Up to 10 Users)
  • 20GB - $99/Month Inc-GST (Up to 20 Users)
  • 40GB - $154/Month Inc-GST (Up to 25 Users)

PLUS Once-off Fees:

  • Once-Off WebDrive Software License - $77 Inc-GST Per computer
  • Once-Off Setup Fee - $27.50 Inc-GST

*Pricing is Exclusive of GST.

*Discount pricing is available for IT partners under the Reseller Program


Webdrive ® Cloud File Sharing

WebDrive is an internet based file-sharing solution that uses managed file server technology provided by Webvault. WebDrive fully integrates with Microsoft Windows to provide an easy way to share files and documents between users without requiring expensive file servers or networking equipment. WebDrive is suitable for all common business file and document types such as Microsoft Office files, Adobe PDF, Publisher, multimedia files and more.


WebDrive file sharing has a range of benefits for businesses, some of which include:

  • Easily share files and documents using your Public folder and allow remote users to download them via the Web.
  • Full integration with Microsoft Windows allows users to open and save files just like they would normally.
  • Supports document locking for Microsoft Office applications to prevent users changing files at the same time.
  • Work offline with Webdrive synchronized file availability.
  • In-Built-in data backup. With close to real-time data protection, your critical backup requirements for shared data are now covered.
  • Eliminates the need for in-house file servers and remote access equipment normally required for staff to work away from the office.
  • Save money on IT administration costs by reducing unnecessary computing and server infrastructure.
  • Data storage in high-security, high availability enterprise-class data centres located in Western Australia.
  • Free Telephone and Email User Support.



Webdrive is suitable for a range of business applications, including:

  • Providing document sharing between staff who require common access to the same files, both from within the work place and from home.
  • Providing a storage base for businesses who wish to ensure critical data is both accessible yet fully protected by a expertly managed backup scheme.
  • Archiving of files and document repository


WebDrive Copyright/Trademark_

The WebDrive name and software is copyright and a trademark of Southern River Technologies, Inc. Click Here for more information.