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Leveraging Technology for Maximum Profits

Marketing & systems to make running your business easy! 

Date: 6:30pm, Tuesday 22nd November 2011

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In this seminar we will simplify the different technologies that are out there to support and grow your business …
making your business simpler, easier to run … with less stress.

We have assembled a team of 3 expert speakers, who will share with you dozens of valuable tips, tools and insights…
one's that will drive real results for your business. 



Keynote Presentations 

'How to Find the Riches in the Niches' - Online Marketing for Small Business:
Speaker: James Mawhinney (PositionMEonline)



Topics Covered

  • Why one website is no longer enough for most businesses
  • How to lock out competitors online from $12 per year
  • Turning on the tap for more customers with Google AdWords
  • How to avoid costly mistakes that most web designers make
  • Latest advertising technology from the US that is sending Yellow Pages broke



'Demystifying The Cloud' - Why Cloud Computing is the future in IT for small business.
Speaker: James Pearce (Webvault)



Topics Covered

  • Beyond the Hype - Find out what cloud computing REALLY means?
  • Cloud MYTHS - The most common misconceptions about cloud computing explained!
  • Cloud IT vs Traditional IT - What is the difference?
  • How to STOP paying your IT professional by the hour to fix systems he recommended in the first place!
  • 5 cloud technologies MOST benefitting Australian small businesses



' How to leverage your time and money for business success'
Speaker: Rueben Taylor (Action Business Coaching)



Topics Covered

  • The main area 80% of business owners  focus on and why this is holding their business back
  • How to get more done with less of your time and energy
  • The 4 Key areas a business owner must focus on to leverage their business
  • A Simple 4 step formula to identify when you should be using technology in your business



If you know you should be doing more online but are not sure where to start then this event is for you.



Event Details:

When : 6:30pm for 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Where: City West Receptions, 45 Plaistowe Mews, West Perth

Investment: $49

Special 2 for 1 Bonus: 2 Attendees can attend for the one investment of $49




Limited Seating Register Online Now

One last thing, just by attending you'll also receive over $1000 in bonuses that will help grow your business. 



About the Speakers

James Mawhinney, Director

pmoJames is PositionMEonline's chief strategist when it comes to identifying ways to assist businesses online. As one of the founding members of PositionMEonline in 2001, he spent time in the US and Europe learning the intricacies of online marketing under the guidance of Position Technologies, one of the industries most respected organisations.

He completed Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce degrees though has always had a passion for building a successful business through delivering a consistently high value, personalised service to clients in our ever--evolving industry.

James is a regular guest speaker at industry conferences throughout Australia, Asia and New Zealand, with a focus on helping small businesses to succeed online.


James Pearce, Network Manager
Webvault - Kohen technology Group Pty Ltd

wvJames is co-founder and network manager at Webvault, a leading Perth-based cloud and internet services company. He now works with other IT consultants and technology professionals providing sales and technical assistance for the deployment of cloud IT solutions to Western Australian business.

James has a Bachelor of Business Degree in Management Information Systems from Edith Cowan University. He has over 15 years' experience in IT after starting one of the first online computer stores in 1997. James is also an accomplished Microsoft software developer and a VMware Certified Professional.

James has previously spoken at Edith Cowan University workshops teaching small business owners how to take their business online.


Rueben Taylor, Business Coach
Action Coach

acFor more than 11 years, Rueben Taylor has been coaching Perth business owners to achieve financial and time freedom through their business. Using the principles he has taught to hundreds of Perth business owners, Rueben and his business partner grew their infant business from $800K pa to $3.0M pa in just 2.5 years... and became the #1 ActionCOACH Firm globally. Along the way he has picked up 9 Global and 15 Asia Pacific Franchise Awards.

A dynamic, inspiring teacher, Rueben knows how to make the complex simple to create real bottom line results. The principles he teaches enabled Rueben to become a millionaire at age 30 and many of his clients do the same.

Recently Rueben sold off the majority of his business so he could enjoy a more lifestyle business and focus on being a Dad as well as growing his charity, the Meridian Global Foundation.






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